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The Story of Earth Channel Limited

Earth Channel Limited is a Financial Technology (FinTech) startup with a diversified and talented team. We have expertise in Information Security, Application Development and Technology in various Banking domains as well as User Experience Design and proven record of large-scale project delivery experience.

By focusing on the pain points of most Banks, we strive to leverage, develop and implement Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain based solutions and services which aimed to help the Banking and Finance industry to add better value in light of a even more demanding Compliance and Regulatory requirement nowadays.

Our Products

With our proud achievements

ai moments

ai moments

Finalist for Citi FinTech Challenge
Cyberport Incubatee

Personalised AI bulter to tie life events with Banking services by giving smart advices on Banking.



Winner of HSBC Safeguard Challenge

A smart eWallet app to tackle two banking challenges – requesting information from customers in an efficient way and better leveraging banks’ reward schemes.

Meet our team!

We are composed of experienced Banking IT professionals and smart young ones.


Wai Kong WONG

Project Manager


Emily Tam

Application Lead


Pazu Lai

Development Lead


Eva Look

Design Lead


Celia Lee

R&D Analyst

Michael Yeung

Michael Yeung

R&D Analyst

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Units 404-415, L4, Core E, Cyberport 3,
100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong

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