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Winner of HSBC Safeguard Competition 2017


The HSBC Safeguard App Competition was launched in September 2017. Contestants were asked to develop prototypes for app-based solutions that can ensure banks’ customer information is kept up-to-date in ways that are secure and convenient for customers.
ecSAFE is a smart eWallet app to tackle two banking challenges – requesting information from customers in an efficient way and better leveraging banks’ reward schemes.
The solution is secured by two different blockchain technologies and ensures maximum customer privacy.


Finalist of Citibank FinTech Challenge
Incubatee of Cyberport Incubation Programme

ai moments

Citi HK FinTech Challenge 2017 is a competition to encourage developers and FinTech companies to develop innovative solutions with Citi’s APIs to enhance the banking experience and solve business pain points.
Ai moments is a personalised AI bulter to tie life events with Banking services by giving smart advices on Banking.

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